Michel Traffic  & Consulting

Need an Experienced Traffic Director for Your Radio Station?

I can provide long-term or short-term help. I can prepare and reconcile the log; enter orders, copy, co-op, and payments; run reports; and perform other tasks as needed. I have experience with small and large radio groups and several different traffic software programs. 

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What I Need From You?  

  • A dedicated computer at your location that meets software specifications.
  • A way to connect to the computer. (VPN, etc.)


Pricing generally begins at $200/month per station or $25/hour for short term vacation or sick coverage. Pricing is determined by the number of stations, monthly revenue, and the tasks required. 

"I prefer to only speak with you because no matter how horrible I think the situation is, you always fix my problem and do it while making me feel calm and like everything will be ok. I get off the phone feeling much better.”

“You are the most organized person I know!”

“It's professionals like you that make people like me better at what we do.”

“Your online training sessions hit the nail on the head. I have seen lots of training's in my time and yours are the absolute best.”

I am asking you because I know that if I ask you to do it, it will get done.”